Cam'Ron Calls Jordan Poole A "Munch" For $500K Ice Spice Date

Cam'Ron didn't hold back about Jordan Poole's recent on and off court actions.

BYBen Mock
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors - Game One

Jordan Poole is having a fairly quiet, and somewhat unfortunate, playoffs with the Golden State Warriors. In the first round against the Sacramento Kings, he averaged 12 points in 22.9 minutes. Additionally, that included three games with single-digit points.

He played 30 minutes in the first game of the second round against the Lakers, putting up 22 points. However, his role in that game will be remembered for bricking a late three that would have tied in the game for the Warriors in the final seconds. In Game 2 of the series, he put up six points in 16 minutes during the Lakers win. Now Cam'Ron is sounding off about him.

Cam'Ron Blasts Jordan Poole

During the May 4 episode of his talk show, It Is What It Is, Cam'Ron put Poole on blast. However, it was not just for his playoff performance, but also his reported dating life. "This is not you from last year, bro. Go back to Milwaukee and figure it the fuck out and get back in the playoffs ’cause you look crazy. 'Cause I had your back last year. You got n-ggas out here talking ’bout, ‘What was all that Jordan Poole you was poppin’?’ You fuckin a munch. Nah, he’s a munch, ’cause I had his back," Cam'Ron said. The "munch" comments came in reference to reports that Poole took rapper Ice Spice on a $500,000 shopping spree as a first date.

Popularized by Spice herself, a "munch" is an insult directed at "simps". Furthermore, it is especially applied to those willing to go down on a woman without asking for anything in return. However, we're going to refrain from turning this article into an essay on cultural misogyny and reciprocal sexual politics to focus on Cam'Ron's comments. Cam'Ron wasn't finished, going on to say, What happens is this: when you start dating the Ice Spice’s, the people, they say, ‘Boo watching.’ ‘Let me get all crazy ’cause boo [watching].’ She don’t give a fuck, she from the Bronx, bro … Jordan Poole, next time you go to New York … you’re gon’ see what you spent $500,000 on and be like, ‘Yo, I was wilin'.” Game 3 between the Warriors and Lakers is set for May 6 in Los Angeles.


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