Rich The Kid On Blast For Not Paying Videographer $8K

The videographer published the receipts to social media.

BYNoah Grant
Rich The Kid On Blast For Not Paying Videographer $8K

Rich The Kid tried to pull a dine and dash on a videographer. In the days of social media, however, it is extremely difficult to pull one over on people. This is especially true when it comes to money. Some people might let it slide. Unfortunately for Rich, the man published the receipts online. The videographer, who shot a music video for the rapper, has accused him of not paying him at all. Apparently, Rich owes him more than $8,000 for his services.

That's not all. Walt Productions also claims that he traveled all the way to New York and Miami to shoot and edit the video. Still, he has not been paid by the Georgia native. So, he did what any unpaid creative would do in the year 2023. He shared direct messages from Rich The Kid and his invoice which included expenses for travel, lodging, and the requested package, totaling to $8,241.

Rich The Kid's Baby Mama Hush Money Drama

Sadly, the unpaid videographer is not Rich The Kid's only problem this week. The rapper has also been accused of attempting to pay a woman off with "hush money." This was to keep her quiet about her alleged pregnancy by him. The woman, who filed a suit under the name "Jane Doe," made her claim in a Massachusetts court. She alleged that Rich The Kid sexually assaulted her in January and prevented her from leaving a hotel room. After she managed to escape, the two reportedly had consensual sex that resulted in a pregnancy. They both agreed to terminate it. Court documents reveal that the rapper attempted to pay her off to keep the pregnancy and assault allegations secret.

Jane Doe says that Rich The Kid agreed to pay $35,000 in hush money to keep quiet about the incident. However, according to court documents, the rapper still owes her $25,000. She alleges that the money was paid to her so that Rich The Kid's fiancée, Tori Brixx, wouldn't find out. Rich The Kid's lawyer has not commented on the matter yet. Prior to this controversy, Rich The Kid and Tori Brixx appeared to be in a loving relationship, as evidenced by a video posted by The Shade Room earlier this year showing the couple on a boat vacation.


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