Chanel Thierry Shares Message About Mustard's New Fling

The producer's ex wants everyone to know she really doesn't care.

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Last year, Chanel Thierry and her then-husband, DJ Mustard, decided to end their relationship. The couple had only been married for 18 months when the famed producer filed for divorce. According to documents obtained by TMZ at the time, the reason for their union ending was "irreconcilable differences." DJ Mustard, whose real name is Dijon McFarlane, has three children with Chanel Thierry, who are between the ages of two and 10 years old. When he filed for the divorce, he requested joint legal and physical custody of the children. Mustard and Thierry had been together for a while, but they only got married in October 2020.

After the two announced their divorce, Chanel broke her silence via her Instagram stories. “Thank you for the kind words, thoughts, and prayers,” she wrote at the time. “Anyone that followed me or knows me personally knows my family means the world to me. I’ve [dedicated] 12 loyal years and it is more [than] heartbreaking to see things end.” The divorce has ended up with DJ Mustard paying Chanel's living expenses. He currently must pay her around $20,000 a month. However, it looks like Chanel might still have some hard feelings about the split.

Chanel Says She Isn't Jealous

In a new Instagram story, Chanel Thierry makes her feelings about Mustard's new fling very clear. The video, which is a screen recording of a TikTok, shows Megan Thee Stallion talking about not being jealous. "Anybody try to play with me, nine times out of ten, they're gonna get their feelings hurt. You wanna make me jealous? Not gonna work. I'm a bad b*tch. Were you going after this?" Meg says in the TikTok. "You tried to piss me off? Not gonna work. I'm naturally happy. Like, you don't dictate my happiness. You know what I'm saying? I was happy before you got here. I'm gonna be happy when you leave. Like, I'm gonna still be me at the end of the day."

This new video comes as DJ Mustard was seen out and about with a new woman. In the comments on a post about Chanel's video by The Shade Room, some pointed out that the producer's new fling looked oddly familiar. "She look like he’s funny," one user said. Others say she shouldn't have posted at all. "I wouldn’t have even posted anything. He’s an ex for a reason," said a comment. Still, after so many years together, something like this can absolutely sting. What do you think of Chanel's response? Should she have said nothing and let it go? Let us know in the comments!

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