According to TMZ, Joey Badass is being sued for a ridiculous $1.5 million dollars by a Donald Trump impersonator who he allegedly pushed off stage back in the Fall.

Phillip Wilburn, the Trump impersonator, says he was performing at an MTV event in LA back in September when Joey shoved him in the back with such force that he fell off the stage. Wilburn says he had to fork over $1,000 dollars in medical expenses after the fall and might possibly need surgery so things could add up to $25,000 when all said & done. He thinks he’ll lose around $50,000 in lost profits due to his injuries & missed work.

So with that said, he’s suing Joey for over $1.5 million in damages. Now whether he gets anything close to that remains another question, but he’s going to at least try.

Check out a video of the incident (below), and let us know what you think. Will this guy have any sort of case?

JOey badass

Joey Badass Reportedly Sued $1.5 Million For Shoving Donald Trump Impersonator Off Stage