Met Gala 2023: What Does Anna Wintour’s Guest List Shakeup Really Mean?

Did Anna Wintour replace the Kardashians with a cat?

BYCatherine Perry
Met Gala 2023: What Does Anna Wintour’s Guest List Shakeup Really Mean?

The Met Gala, the fashion world's most prestigious event, seems to be gearing up for a transformation this year. The gala, famous for its glamour, elegance, and creativity, has been criticized in recent years. Insiders say it's being overrun by influencers and reality stars. Among the most famous are the Kardashians, who showed up as a pack last year, wearing some questionable outfits. According to insiders, Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor-in-chief, has had enough of the infamous family.

It's argued that the Kardashians simply aren't interesting, relevant, or A-list enough. Additionally, Wintour is rumored to be furious that Marilyn Monroe's iconic gold dress was irreparably damaged. Although Kim lost weight to fit it, her overfilled backside made the dress impossible to fasten.

Wintour is the undisputed queen of fashion and style. Her guidance has been instrumental in shaping the Met Gala since she first took charge in 1995. Under Wintour's leadership, the event has become an iconic and exclusive gathering. It pushes the boundaries of fashion and attracts the industry's biggest names. The gala is known for its unique themes and Wintour's love of creativity, style, and risk-taking.

Anna Wintour Is Cracking Down On The Guest List

However, in recent years, the Met Gala has seen a shift. Social media influencers, reality TV stars, and B and C listers with massive online followings have replaced real talent. The Kardashian clan is only one example. Although Kim debuted at the event in 2013, it's commonly accepted that it was only because she was Kanye West's plus-one. Additionally, sources close to Wintour say that even West is out now following his xenophobic and anti-Semitic statements.

However, it appears that the tide is turning. Insiders claim that Anna Wintour wants to return the event's focus to its roots. She is prioritizing true fashion icons and established celebrities over influencers. The 2023 Met Gala's theme, "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty," hints at a return to high fashion's core values. Meanwhile, the Kardashians are adamant that this is not true. Taking to social media, momager Kris and the rest of the girls have vehemently denied these rumors. Theories run the gamut, from a PR stunt to haters spreading lies.

Met Gala 2023: Bethenny Frankel's Hot Takes

Although Wintour is tight-lipped about the guest list, insiders are spilling. The latest round of invite drama is that Kim is back in. However, sources swore just a week before that the Kardashians were cut from the 2023 Gala guest list. Bethenny Frankel, former Real Housewives of New York City star, weighed in on the situation. In a recent Page Six item, Frankel said that Wintour might be aiming to "class it up." She further said that distancing the event from reality TV and social media stars is no accident.

Frankel also touched on the relationship between the fashion industry and the mega-wealthy. She suggested that money's influence has allowed some stars to buy their way into the style spotlight. This sentiment echoes Wintour's past statements and her focus on maintaining the integrity of the exclusive Met Gala event.

Anna Wintour's commitment to fashion is evident throughout her career, having navigated the challenges of an ever-changing industry. In a 2019 interview with CNN, Wintour spoke about new trends. She noted how social media has transformed fashion and given her brand a larger audience. She also stressed the importance of staying true to her values, despite criticism.

By reclaiming the gala's original mission, Wintour may be sending a message. To the fashion industry, it's loud and clear; the event is returning to its roots. The 2023 event is a celebration of elegance, glamour, creativity, and true innovation. Fans of Wintour stress that it's not an issue of snobbery but of having a real understanding of fashion itself.

Honoring Karl Lagerfeld

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 21: (EDITORS NOTE: This image has been retouched) Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld poses backstage after the Chanel show as part of Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 on January 21, 2014 in Paris, France. (Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images)

This year's Met Gala co-hosts reportedly include Dua Lipa, Penélope Cruz, Roger Federer, and Michaela Coel. Clearly, these are real artists, all of whom are prominent figures in their respective fields. This year's theme will also honor the late Karl Lagerfeld's illustrious career and his work with Chanel, Fendi, Chloé, Balmain, and more.

Of course, not everyone is a fan of Anna Wintour. Some critics have openly called her elitist and downright mean. Who can forget former Wintour assistant Lauren Weisberger's thinly veiled tell-all, The Devil Wears Prada? Still, Vogue sources stress that the guest list is always a source of speculation and has nothing to do with Wintour throwing shade.

Lagerfeld's Cat, Choupette, Invited To The Event

However, in the latest guest list upset, Karl Lagerfeld's cat, Choupette, is now officially on the guest list. “She got the invitation,” the My Pet Agency owner said to Page Six. “It’s an event in honor of the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld. Choupette is obviously a central part of the legacy.” Choupette, a blue-cream tortie Birman, is rumored to be one of the late Lagerfeld's heirs. The designer, who died at 85 in 2019, left an estimated $125 million fortune.

Additionally, Choupette is included in the May 2023 Vogue cover story in honor of the late designer. In a preview of the issue shared with Good Morning America, Naomi Campbell holds the fabulous feline on a Parisian bridge. Campbell is wearing a black Balmain trouser suit, white shirt, and Lagerfeld’s signature black tie. Page Six added, "The cat model looks extra fluffy in the photo as she looks straight at the camera, curling up her feet as she relaxes in the supermodel’s arms."

With the Met Gala 2023 fast approaching, fashionistas eagerly await the drama, surprises, and style. With Wintour at the helm, this year's gala will be the event of the year again. Hopefully, the fete will return to its old-school roots—a true reflection of the glamour and elegance that has defined high fashion for decades.

How these recent events play out, one thing is sure: the fashion world is watching closely. As Anna Wintour continues to redefine the Met Gala and, by extension, the industry, heads will roll. And, as the May 1st event approaches, suspense is mounting. All eyes will be on the red carpet to witness the return to true high fashion and, undoubtedly, a lot of extra.


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