"King Von: Rap's First Serial Killer" Video Removed From YouTube

The video alleges that the late rapper was the culprit in ten homicides.

BYNoah Grant
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King Von was killed almost three years ago in a lounge shooting in Atlanta. A fight broke out between Von's people and another group, resulting in two dead and four injured. The rapper's murder remains unsolved, but plenty of information about him has come out in the years following his death. In 2021, the FBI named Von as the culprit in the killing of 17-year-old Gakirah “K.I.” Barnes. Both the rapper and Barnes were members of Chicago gangs. Earlier this year, FBI witnesses also revealed that he had put a $100k hit out on FBG Duck. Just days later, Duck's mother took to Instagram to reveal that Von was also involved in the killing of Boss Trell. "Von allegedly killed Trell, him, and T. Roy,” she said. “Only the streets know and only the people who did it know, so that’s why I’m saying ‘allegedly’."

Last week, Youtube documentarian Trap Lore Ross added a pretty serious accusation to the mounting number of disturbing headlines about King Von. Ross' new documentary is a nearly four-hour exposé on the late rapper and his history of violence, titled King Von: Rap's First Serial Killer. According to the video, Von had committed at least ten murders. The video didn't last long, however.

Hiding Von's Alleged Murderous Past

The YouTube documentary alleging that King Von was a serial killer didn't last very long on the video platform. It was removed just two days after being posted. Trap Lore Ross tweeted a simple response, only saying, "Video got taken down." The reason for the video's removal is still unclear. It could simply be that there was a copyright claim on some of the material used for the documentary. This is often the case with Youtube videos. Still, given the serious accusations, it could very well be that the late rapper's team is doing what they can to suppress them.

The documentary received mixed reactions from social media. "Ain’t gona lie I’ve just watched like 10mins of this documentary, and man o man," said one Twitter user, praising the video. "The amount of effort that went into this is INSANE…" While there were plenty of compliments for Ross' video, some felt the need to call him out for allegedly lying about Von. "Video taken down like I said," one commented. "Any other bloggers wanna defame his character?" King Von may or may not have been a serial killer. Still, the late rapper was clearly involved in a number of violent crimes. What do you think of the allegations? Let us know in the comments below.


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