Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley gifted us with a new freestyle today.

The rapper appeared on DJ Self‘s radio show on Power 105.1 to talk about his upcoming album and how post-prison life is treating him. According to Grizz, he’s just happy to “have [his] freedom.” Even more impressive is what happened just moments later, where he busted out into an a cappella freestyle that only had the backing beat created from the drumming of his hands. During his rap, he tells a story about a close friend who was sentenced to 47 years in jail. “I feel your pain, my n***a, that s**t crushed my soul,” he said. He also touched on other struggles that black males have with the justice system in general.

DJ Self classified Tee Grizzley’s freestyle as “real rap.” Two months after releasing My Moment, his successful freshman mixtape, Tee Grizzley revealed he is now working on his first album, Activated. Grizz is definitely on that grind.

You can watch the full video clip below.


Tee Grizzley Brings It With A New A Capella Freestyle