AE Edwards Dodges Questions About Cher, Their Engagement, & Why He Loves Her

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The paparazzi had questions for Edwards, but he didn't have much to reveal as he laughed through questions about their wedding.

The romance between Cher and AE Edwards is apparently heating up. The couple is rumored to be engaged, but judging by this recent interview with TMZ, Edwards doesn't seem that excited to be a groom. The 36-year-old music professional has been dating the 76-year-old industry legend since about November 2022, and they haven't made their relationship a secret. The May-December romance has caused a flurry of questions, but Cher has defended her connection with Edwards every step of the way.

TMZ spotted Edwards as he was leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills. The cameraperson wanted to know what it was about the music icon that made him fall in love with her. "Just Cher being Cher," Edwards answered. Then, he was asked about the benefits of dating an older woman. He didn't really give an answer, so the photog pressed for him to name just one. Edwards simply nodded with a smile and said, "That's private!"

AE Edwards Gets Along With Cher's Kids

Reports have stated that Edwards is at odds with Cher's children, Chaz and Elijah. Speculation has run rampant regarding her spending money on her new beau, although the gossip hasn't been confirmed. "Chaz is my guy. Shout out to Chaz," Edwards said. "And Elijah. Him and Elijah are my guys." The awkwardness continued when the music executive was questioned about whether or not Chaz would walk Cher down the aisle when she and Edwards were married. "I'm just chillin' right now," he replied. "I'm just having lunch with my guy. You know what I'm saying?" The wedding questions continued, but Edwards dodged them at every turn.

He didn't have an answer about where they would like to tie the knot. The cameraperson was unrelentless and also wanted to know if the couple planned on becoming parents. "Right now, I'm just focused on Slash, my son, and his brother Sebastian." He shares Slash with Amber Rose, and Sebastian is Rose's son with Wiz Khalifa. At this point in the exchange, Edwards's demeanor seemed to change as he then was questioned on Cher's abilities as a stepmother. "She's amazing," he said.

Facing Off With Critics

Meanwhile, there are those who have written all of this off as a publicity stunt. Cher confirmed she is working on new music with Edwards, and many believe this is a push for more visibility. However, they insist they're genuinely in a relationship, so we'll have to see how it all unfolds. Check out AE Edwards avoiding saying too much above.


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