Aaron Rodgers is currently one of the biggest stories in the NFL right now. Although Lamar Jackson is currently in the midst of a franchise tag situation, Rodgers remains the bigger draw. This is due to the fact that he has returned from his darkness retreat and is looking to make the biggest decision of his career. Overall, there are reports circulating that the Packers are sick of Rodgers’ antics. He leaves them in the dark almost every single offseason, and for the most part, they are sick of it.

Subsequently, it has been rumored that the Packers are fine with trading Rodgers. They have Jordan Love to take over, however, there is no guarantee he works out. Regardless, teams are circling the wagon as they know that Rodgers could be made available. In fact, it was revealed yesterday that the New York Jets were flying out to meet with Rodgers. The Packers quarterback accepted a meeting with the team, which just goes to show how serious Rodgers is about potentially moving on from Lambeau.

Aaron Rodgers Moving On?

While appearing on Get Up! this morning, NFL insider Adam Schefter offered some updates on the Rodgers situation. Overall, New York Jets fans should be feeling really good right now. From Schefter’s perspective, the Jets are option “1A” for Rodgers. However, this also means that remaining with the Packers is still a possibility. Albeit a less likely one since Rodgers is already talking to other franchises. Additionally, there is potential for Rodgers to just retire altogether. Perhaps if he does that, he can save us from yet another season of tedious Rodgers rumors.

There is a sense that other teams could be looking into Rodgers right now. Teams like the Raiders need a quarterback right now. Moreover, there are plenty of other teams out there who could use an upgrade like Rodgers. Of course, he will cost a pretty penny, but that’s what it takes to win these days. Let us know where you think Rodgers is going to end up, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the sports world.