As Melle Mel’s reactions filter in, we aren’t yet out from under a cloud of Billboard and Vibe‘s Top Greatest Rappers of All Time list. The Hip Hop icon has been a hot topic in Rap conversations following his appearance on The Art of Dialogue. The platform often talks with veteran artists and industry professionals, and often they weigh in on the current state of Hip Hop. Melle’s recent chat has caused a stir, especially as he shares thoughts on that controversial Top 50 list.

This clip of his interview opened by the Top 20 being reviewed. Rakim took the 13th spot, LL Cool J followed at 14, and Big Daddy Kane came in at No. 20. It was noted that Nicki Minaj arrived at No. 10, which didn’t sit well with Melle Mel. “You know that’s some bullsh*t,” he said. The interviewer laughed. “C’mon, now. Kane and them and Rakim and them, they done put in 40 [years]. C’mon, now.”

Melle Mel Calls It “Blasphemy”

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 12: Nicki Minaj arrives to the Marc Jacobs fashion show at Park Avenue Armory on February 12, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

Before giving his complete thoughts, Melle noted that he “actually likes Nicki Minaj.” However, he reiterated that those placements were “bullsh*t.” Mel added, “You gotta understand what Hip Hop really, really is past whoever made what record. You see what I’m sayin’? Rakim should never be 14, because his style changed the game. The average rapper, from a certain point to a certain point, you had to rap like Rakim. That was the only time that cats from my era, that we had to alter our style to be more up to date with what he was doing and what was going on.”

Mel then detailed Rakim’s delivery. “How could you disrespect the game like that?” he further said about ranking Rakim at 13. “He’s easily—if you’re just talkin’ about the pure rappers—Rakim and somebody like Kool G Rap. Those are basically the top rappers of the game. Pure rappers. Records aside and all that, just a pure rapper. Rakim, he should never be 14. If you’re talkin’ records and allt hat, he would be closer to No. 1 because of what he did for the game and the culture. That’s the angle where I’m comin’ from.”

It’s Not About Your Taste

Melle Mel also stated that he doesn’t rank according to who he likes because he doesn’t listen to music like that. “But to say LL and Rakim is 14 and 15, but Nicki Minaj is No. 10. Based on what? That’s where it don’t make sense. Nicki Minaj being on—that’s blasphemy. And I don’t got nothing wrong with Nicki, actually I like Nicki Minaj. She can write, decent looking chick. Even if she was better than Rakim, you don’t put her over no goddamn Rakim.” Check it out above.