Chris Brown faced fired again this week over a video of him walking with a limp circulated online. Specifically, disability activist Brett Leverton took to Twitter to call out the singer for “imitating/mocking people with physical impairments/disabilities.” Brown, who is currently performing with his Under the Influence Tour, struts in the video walking unnaturally. While there is no certainty as to what could have caused the 33-year-old’s change in steps, Leverton remains convinced that it was an act of disability discrimination.

On Twitter, the critic explained his perspective, asserting that Brown’s behavior is not ok. “Chris Brown has 113 million followers just on Instagram alone that can now potentially be influenced and think that behaviour is ok when it’s not,” he tweeted. Leverton went so far as to reference a post made by Brown a few weeks ago, writing, “the same person took to Instagram to claim he was treated differently by the media because he is a person of colour.” The thread also mentions, “in the modern world, where discrimination is tolerated less and less. Why would someone who knows firsthand what it feels like to face discrimination go and do the same behaviour to another minority group?”

Brown “Imitates” Disabled People, Leverton Claims

Fans of Brown were not having it with Leverton’s allegations and clapped back in favor of the “Run it!” singer. One user wrote, “you just made this inherently racist post and see nothing wrong with it hmmmmm,” while another called out Leverton for seeking attention. “Oh so this is what you after!!! Clout!!! I get it, it’s not about disable people it’s about tagging blogs and paparazzi sites,” the user wrote. Others noted how Brown has supported Best Buddies International, a non-profit dedicated to supporting people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

It looks like Breezy’s followers are coming to his defense, and you can see more reactions below. Brown also recently received criticism for allegations of discriminating against Black women in his VIP section, which he quickly dismissed after showing off receipts. Currently, the singer is continuing on his tour, with his next show in Brussels tonight (March 3). As always, check out HNHH for the latest in hip hop and pop culture.

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