Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless have gotten into their fair share of unique altercations while on Undisputed. Of course, none of these altercations are physical. They are simply some verbal jousting sessions that always seem to elicit a ton of reactions on social media. Overall, it is clear that Shannon and Skip are professionals who aren’t going to break up, anytime soon. Although some fans think that Shannon hates Skip, Sharpe has made it clear that this is not actually the case. Yet again, their supposed feud is just a case of social media getting ahead of itself.

Today, however, Shannon and Skip found themselves getting into yet another heated conversation. This time, it was centered around none other than LeBron James. The topic of conversation here was pretty simple. James is now out with a foot injury, and he could be gone for a couple of weeks. Overall, this is a huge blow to the Lakers’ playoff chances. However, Skip seems to think James is simply lying about his injury.

Shannon Sharpe Goes Off

As you can imagine, this set Shannon Sharpe off. Sharpe is a huge LeBron James fan, and at times, he has had some information about the Lakers star. In the clip above, you can see Sharpe raising his voice at Skip as he questions his co-host’s biases. Moreover, he calls out Bayless for being a huge hypocrite whenever it comes to LeBron. For instance, there was a time when Skip took Tom Brady’s surgery claims at face value. Although, he will not do the same thing for LeBron. Subsequently, Skip questioned Sharpe in regard to what he knows about the injury. He even said that Rich Paul controls the narrative when it comes to LeBron and that we cannot trust the Klutch Sports camp.

Overall, Sharpe was not having it, and it made for a very entertaining segment. However, it has become obvious that Bayless has an agenda as it pertains to the Lakers superstar. At this point, his views will not change, no matter how much Shannon yells at him. Let us know what you thought of this clip, in the comments below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from around the sports world.