Gervonta Davis is one of the best boxers in the entire world right now. Overall, he is someone who dominates the sport and has yet to lose a single fight. Moving forward, he will take on Ryan Garcia in a match that will take place in April. Although Davis is the favorite in this fight, there is a lot of animosity here. Having said that, there is potential for Davis to get his first loss. No matter what, fans are very excited about the match as it will be a moment for Gervonta Davis to truly silence all of the doubters.

For many, Davis competes in real boxing as opposed to whatever Jake Paul just did against Tommy Fury. As we all know by now, Jake lost the fight, giving him his first professional loss. In the past, Davis and Paul have actually traded shots on social media. Overall, Davis feels as though Paul is a fake boxer and that what he does is actually detrimental to the sport as a whole. Subsequently, following Jake’s loss, Davis decided to sound off on social media with his feelings on it all.

Gervonta Davis Goes Off

“Crazy to people how these boxing shit work…y’all cheer for a clown after a lost but actually boxers y’all shit on em if they lose. Sport filled w d*ck riders!” Davis wrote in a now-deleted tweet. From there, Davis continued to make fun of Paul with a series of retweets. Additionally, he clapped back at a fan who had some words for him. This is where Tank wrote “You have 3 different cuts homie..a low cut..braids AND a fade I will never take you or ya words seriously!” Needless to say, Davis will not be gaining respect for Jake Paul, anytime soon.

For now, Davis should simply focus on his upcoming April fight against Garcia. This could very well end up being the biggest fight of the entire year, and fans are very pumped. Hopefully, everything will go off without a hitch, as we would hate a last-second cancelation. Let us know who you think is going to win that fight, in the comments section down below.

Davis Continues