Tommie Lee Alleges Natalie Nunn Slept With Chris Brown

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The reality stars’ feud came to blows in the ring last Saturday night.

Seasoned reality stars Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn are still making rounds after their explosive, albeit short, fight this past Saturday (Feb. 25). The Zeus Network personalities went head to head in the ring out in London before the main event between Floyd Mayweather and Aaron Chalmers. In a surprising turn, Bad Girls Club’s Natalie took it home shortly into the second round. The women had been bickering for weeks following up to the live boxing match, with promotion for it appearing all over social. Unfortunately, it all came to a head a few days back while at Chris Brown’s Under the Influence tour.

It’s been said they were invited to Brown’s London show on behalf of Natalie Nunn. In an interview with Front Row Fight Series, Tommie claims Natalie revealed Breezy’s past relationship with her was indeed sexual. ”And now she had f**ked his brother to get back at him,” the Baddies West star also noted. Tommie also alleges Natalie is currently in relations with Chris Brown’s security, all while wedded to husband Jacob Payne. “With her being married and s**t like that, I just really think [Jacob] should’ve been there.”

Tommie Lee Calls Out Natalie Nunn For Relations With Chris Brown And His Team

Things went all but right when the Zeus cast entered the premises. According to West rapper Rollie Pollie, Tommie Lee saw Breezy’s three-year-old son Aeko backstage and allegedly tried to break into the room he sat in with his mother, Ammika Harris. Tommie went live on Instagram after the incident to explain her side of the story, stating the door was slammed in her face when she commented on the toddler’s cuteness. The former Love & Hip Hop cast member went on to tell Ammika “I don’t care about your baby. F*ck your baby. And f*ck his daddy, too.”

Tommie Lee has since apologized for her loose lips, though many remain unfazed knowing her volatile history. “I didn’t mean that ’bout the baby,” she states, adding that’s not her typical character. “I was really, really hot tryin’ to make a point.” This all led to Saturday’s fight, which many believed Tommie would win. That was not the case, however, as Lee appeared intoxicated and at one point fell out during her and Natalie’s squabble.


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