Tommie Lee Calls Out Chris Brown's BM: "F*ck Your Baby & His Daddy, Too"

Tommie was with Natalie Nunn in London at Chris's concert backstage when an incident allegedly occurred with Ammika Harris.

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A couple of reality stars will soon meet in the boxing ring, but first, Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee are airing one another out on social media. Nunn and Lee rose to fame for their often hot-headed personalities, which has helped them amass fans worldwide. Not only that—the pair have inked lucrative deals due to their love-hate relationship with the public, and this Saturday, they're stepping into the ring.

Nunn and Lee will be throwing fisticuffs live on the Zeus network, and to help hype the fight, they've engaged in social media antics. Videos of the pair warring it out both verbally and physically have emerged, including a clip that shows Lee pulling Nunn's wig off. Later, Nunn claimed Lee disrespected Chris Brown, and it all had to do with the singer's young son.

Natalie Nunn Accuses Tommie Lee Of Acting Inappropriately

The Neighborhood Talk shared a video of Nunn, Winter Banco, and Baddies star Rollie. They group was reportedly in London at Chris Brown's concert when things went left. "Natalie got us backstage with Chris Brown," said Rollie. "Once we was headed to our section with Chris Brown and his team, why the f*ck did Tommie see Chris Brown baby and was like, 'Oh, his baby is so cute.' They grabbed the baby and put him in the room. She smacked the door in. They went ballistic. Why would you do something like that and put me and Johnathan and Natalie in danger? We literally had to fight off three different n*ggas 'cause of what Tommie did. And she was drunk!"

Things escalated when Lee hopped on Livestream to address the allegations. She didn't do much to quell the controversy, and instead, it seemed that she insulted young Aeko. "Imagine me, for a baby that ain't even mine, to knock a door down. Is you f*ckin' serious?" Lee said in a video. "Please. So, that's what they came up with? Run the cameras, I know they got 'em back there. Oh, okay. I'm standing there, knocking down a door to see a baby." She claimed she didn't even know the child was there.

Tommie Lee Insults Ammika Harris & Aeko Brown

After calling Nunn & Co. liars, Lee claimed it was Aeko's mother, Ammika Harris, who slammed the door. Then, Lee seemed to go off about Harris, but little Aeko caught a stray. "I don't care about your baby. F*ck your baby," she said. "And f*ck his daddy, too. The f*ck? Really. Like, girl. I ain't pressed 'bout no motherf*ckin baby. F*ck him. All y'all look albino as f*ck. F*ck all y'all motherf*ckers." Reactions about this are just beginning to pour in, but you can check it out above and below.

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