Uncle Murda Responds To Trick Daddy Calling Him A "Clown," 50 Cent Chimes In

Trick previously called out Murda for his "disrespectful" lyrics in his "Rap Up" series.

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In social media beefs you didn't expect to see, things are getting tense between Trick Daddy and Uncle Murda. There wasn't much rumbling from these two until Trick took to his cooking show to let off some steam. “And I’mma tell y’all somethin’ right now,” the music veteran said. “Viral is something that you do accidentally. Anybody that tries to go viral, you are considered, to me, as a clown. You’re a joke, you’re a fool, you’re a gimmick, you’re a fraud. You catfish. Viral is something that is supposed to happen accidentally unless you’re a content creator unless you’re an actor, unless you a clown that do magic tricks.”

Each year, Murda recaps what occurred with his "Rap Up" roundup. He targets just about anyone in entertainment, and Trick has found his name mentioned. In 2021, Murda called Trick a "cokehead" for negatively speaking about Beyoncé's vocal talents. It's obviously something that didn't sit well.

Trick Daddy Unleashes On Uncle Murda
BAY SHORE, NEW YORK - JUNE 15: Uncle Murda attends the "Straight Cap" video shoot on June 15, 2021 in Bay Shore, New York. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

“You mention the dead, you mention victims, you mention everybody, you mention people’s money, wives, children. You’re disrespectful and that’s clown sh*t,” Trick Daddy further stated. He also called Murda “the No. 1 clown for the last five years.” He added, “You said my name, and I didn’t say nothing about it because I didn’t want this to be about me. It’s not about me. This is about everybody that feel like they don’t have the voice to say something to you. I’m gon’ say something to you and I stand on what I said.”

The remarks made their way to Murda's desk, and he happily reposted the clip of Trick's show. In the caption, he also added, "This sh*t got me rolling 😂😂 Dammmm all that my n*gga @trickdaddydollars mad at me cause I called him a coke head #RapUp2023Intro." The comment section quickly lit up, and 50 Cent dropped by to say what many others were thinking.

50 Cent Predicts Next "Rap Up"

"LOL 😆😆😆He just got him self in the next wrap up !" Fif stated. It looks like we'll have to wait another ten months to hear Uncle Murda's next "Rap Up," but we can almost guarantee Trick Daddy's name will make an appearance. Check out the clip of Trick above.

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