Prince Harry Says Shenseea’s Music Helped Him Through Dark Times

In his new memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry says Shenseea’s “lyrics resonated with me.”

BYErika Marie
Prince Harry Says Shenseea’s Music Helped Him Through Dark Times

The world is getting an inside look at the Royal family thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The pair has been ostracized by purists who have slammed the couple for abandoning their expected Royal duties. Harry has also been labeled the "black sheep" of his family. Now, he's spilling details of what goes on behind the scenes in his new memoir.

The famous couple's Netflix docuseries, but that doesn't hold a candle to Harry's autobiography, Spare. In it, the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana doesn't mince words as he speaks about his family's scandals.

LONDON, UK - JANUARY 05: A view of the book of Prince Harry Duke of Sussex on display at the entrance of a bookshop in London, United Kingdom on January 05, 2023. A new memoir by the UK's Prince Harry reportedly describes a physical fight he had with his brother Prince William that left Harry injured. (Photo by Rasid Necati Aslim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
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In a brief excerpt from the book, Harry mentions going through dark times in his life. He says he has often been at odds with his family, and during one period, he found solace by listening to Shenseea.

"In the times I felt alone and separated from my family, I always took time to myself to sit back and listen to Shenseea," he said. "Her lyrics resonated with me and got me through a lot."

The British Royal didn't detail which of the Dancehall-R&B singer's tracks eased his troubled mind, but Shenseea gave her guess.

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When Shenseea learned that Harry gave her a mention, she fired off a tweet. "I know Rebel is his song! That intro is it 🫶🏼."

There were also several more explosive revelations from Spare. Harry additionally spoke about a physical fight with his brother, Prince William, and claimed he learned of Queen Elizabeth's death after reading about it on the BBC.

Spare is slated for release on January 10.


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