A woman who had a tense exchange with Safaree Samuels got more than she bargained for. The Love & Hip Hop star shared a story online of an interaction with a woman who approached him while he was out and about with his children. Samuels and ex-wife Erica Mena’s tense split was displayed for television and social media audiences. There have been passionate reactions from the public, but Samuels was surprised someone would come up to him in public.

“I’m only addressing this right now because now, it’s starting to trickle into real life,” said Samuels. “I was somewhere just now, I got my kids with me, and some lady, girl, whatever you wanna call her, she sees me. She’s like, ‘Oh, good to see you’re with your kids.’ But she said it like—it was very disrespectful.”

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“I don’t know who this lady was,” Samuels continued. He told the woman to get away from him and the two engaged in an exchange. “She says to me, ‘Oh, if you weren’t with your kids, I would spit at you.’ I’m with my security. So, now, you’re talking crazy. As she’s saying it, she’s kinda like coming towards me.” Not knowing what to expect, Samuels said his priority was protecting his children.

“He body slammed her so hard, she was on the floor looking stupid. It’s like, yo, you asked for it. You see somebody with their kids, you don’t know me. I don’t care if you see me on TV, social media, none of them. You do not know me in real life.”

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Samuels also added that he’s with his children Monday through Wednesday each week in addition to paying child support. “They are dudes out here paying child support and they don’t even be with their kids,” he said.

“For the most part, I was just letting people think what they wanna think, I didn’t even care what anyone thought. But the fact that somebody really in real life said something. I don’t know if it was a clothesline or body slam, whatever. She was on the floor looking stupid… She gon’ probably try to sue me now.”

Watch Safaree tell his story above.