Saweetie Addresses Being Called "Queen Of The Bay"

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Saweetie claims that during her travels, people have referred to her as "Queen of the Bay" or "Queen of California."

Despite criticism for low sales, The Single Life press run hasn't stopped for Saweetie. The Bay Area rapper found herself entangled in conversations after rumors circulated about her recently released EP. It was stated that The Single Life only sold 2K copies within its first week, but Saweetie didn't let anything like a few numbers stand in her way.

Down in Los Angeles, the rapper has been sweeping from one radio show to the next. While at The Bootleg Kev Podcast, she touched on being referred to as the "Queen of the Bay."

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“I don’t want to self-proclaim the ‘Queen statement,’ but when I’m in certain cities or certain areas, they’ll just call me this and call me that. I’ve been called the ‘Queen of California’ and many queen things. It’s not something I’m trying to title, that’s why I had another voice say it on my [‘Single Life’] project. I don’t like it when people self-proclaim.”

We'll let the public debate whether or not Saweetie deserves the queen crown. Meanwhile, she's already eyeing future projects, and one of them might be a collaborative effort. We still haven't received her official debut album Pretty B*tch Music, but we may get a joint project with Dreezy.

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“I would do a joint album with Dreezy,” she started before later relaying, “I’ve been wanting to collaborate with another woman and I really like Dreezy.”

There have been rumors about Saweetie and Dreezy working together since March of this year. The pair appeared in a social media post together as it looked like the "My Type" star surprised the rapper-songwriter with a mini-birthday celebration. Some believed the two linked up for Saweetie's debut, but if she plays her cards right, it could be more significant.

We'll just have to wait and see what Dreezy thinks of the possibility. Check out Saweetie with Bootleg Kev below.


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