Hitmaka Speaks On Saweetie "The Single Life" Allegedly Selling 2K The First Week

He blames A&R and believes "someone gotta get fired." Sonny Digital questions how an artist has a huge social media reach but can't break 2K.

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Hitmaka, Saweetie

We're one week into The Single Life and this latest project from Saweetie is still on people's minds. For years, fans have been awaiting Saweetie's official debut, but the rapper continues to give excuses as to why it hasn't arrived. Pretty B*tch Music initially had a release date, but Saweetie insisted she put off its release because she wants to create the best album possible.

However, the delay of Pretty B*tch Music doesn't mean the Bay Area hitmaker hasn't shared new music. She ushered in a promotion run to introduce the effort, but according to a report by Akademiks, The Single Life only sold 2,000 units its first week. The blogger admitted that he hasn't substantiated the report, but he still uploaded it to his Instagram.

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This resulted in a wave of criticism and trolling as people called Saweetie's talents into question. The rapper has long faced off against those who have called out her performances, breath control, and dancing abilities. Although her fanbase acknowledges her successes, the pushback is often intense. These viral moments cause Saweetie to become a trending topic, and in this round, Hitmaka is giving his two cents.

"Saweetie selling 2k is bad A&R vibes. Someone’s supposed to tell u this ain’t it!" Hitmaka tweeted. "I also have issues with her having multiple platinum singles & not sticking with same formula that got her here. Someone gotta get fired."

The megaproducer knows a thing or two about how to craft a hit. In addition to moving from artist to producer, in 2020, Hitmaka became vice president of A&R at Atlantic Records.

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"That’s why I can’t stand analytics! People couldn’t wait to not have to stand on gut feelings & goosebumps!" he added. "If it’s trending u sign them & it doesn’t work it takes away being accountable for what u signed. Now u can lean on 'oh the numbers said' …… MANNNN FUK ALL DAT."

Hitmaka wasn't the only one to hop on Twitter with a hot take. Sonny Digital also questioned how an artist with Saweetie's social media reach couldn't sell more units.

Sonny said, "[Thirteen] million followers , hundreds of thousands likes on all pictures but album sold less than 2000 copies. That’s crazy. The math ain’t adding up. If I had millions of followers and my album sold 2k I probably would just delete all my social media cause y’all lying to me."

He also refuted claims that he didn't listen to The Single Life. Check out the project above.

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