Saweetie Explains Her Numerous Album Delays: "It Was A Body Of Work With No Soul"

Saweetie says "Pretty Bitch Music" is "dropping soon."

BYThomas Galindo
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Over the past three years, Saweetie has made as much noise in the hip-hop industry as humanly possible without an album. Her smash hits like 2018's "ICY GIRL," 2019's "My Type" and 2020's "Tap In" have helped her stock rise significantly as a sexy, sassy rapper.

Fans have been awaiting Saweetie's next step in the form of her debut album Pretty Bitch Music for months, as she first announced its supposed release in June. Now, we are here in November, still awaiting the album, and she gave insight on its repeated delays at the MTV European Music Awards in Hungary last weekend: "It's dropping soon. Honestly, it was a body of work with no soul. So right now I'm working on the details because I really want the world to feel me."

Saweetie took home the award for "Best New Artist" at the show and performed "Tap In" and "Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat)."

Since Pretty Bitch Music's delay in June, which she attributed to being a perfectionist, Saweetie had credited her mother and Cher as voices who have given input and helped shape the album.

As her mother is Filipino and Chinese, she pushed back on some of Saweetie's apparent reckless use of the Tagalog language on the album, which Saweetie explained did not align with the reserved culture that some in the Philippines live by.

She also said that an encounter with Cher helped her realize the album needed more character and passion: "I thought [the album] was done, but after I met her, I had an epiphany. This album needs to have feelings, it needs to have soul, it needs to have spirit. And I have a lot of room for improvement, so I’m gonna work on that. And once it’s done, the album will be released."

While Saweetie has not given a release date for the album, hearing these quotes should raise fans' expectations for the record in terms of quality.

Check out what Saweetie had to say below.

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