Adidas Football has officially introduced the special edition “Sunday’s Best” cleat collection, featuring the 2017 adizero 5-Star 6.0.

Inspired by high-end fashion and the polished look that athletes don as they enter the stadium for game day, the collection showcases the various elements that make up players’ head-to-toe ensembles. From tailored suits, to paisley ties and pocket squares, to custom suit linings, to watch bands, jewelry and dress shoes, the new “Sunday’s Best” cleat collection is built for playmakers and designed to showcase style.

Crafted from premium materials, the special edition “Sunday’s Best” cleat collection features nine different cleats with four themes (gator, paisley, suede and tux) to ensure that every player can find a cleat that fits their unique style.

“Sunday’s Best” Collection Themes:

The Gator Cleat– Modeled after high-end dress shoes, the gator theme is highlighted by the 2017 Snoop cleat, which is styled off of his white and gold jewelry collection. A second colorway features iridescent purple gator-like materials.

The Paisley Cleat– Taking cues from silk suit jacket linings and pocket squares, the paisley theme is available in royal blue, red, purple and black. The upper is emblazoned with a paisley and floral pattern and accented with a black, gold and white paisley tongue that mimics the look of a tie underneath a suit coat.

The Suede Cleat– Representing a clean, plush look, players can choose from either a black or white suede colorway that features a matte finish and a pop of gingham on the tongue.

The Tux Cleat– To cap off the collection, and for those players who want to celebrate every day like it’s a special occasion on the gridiron, the tux theme speaks for itself with a black and white patent leather tuxedo look.

The special edition 2017 adizero 5-Star 6.0 “Sunday’s Best” cleat collection is now available for $120 each at, and

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Sundays Best

Adidas Introduces The "Sunday's Best" Collection