Young Dolph’s new project Bulletproof is partially inspired by an incident in Charlotte where the rapper was shot at close to 100 times. The first four songs on the project form a full sentence when read in sequence (“100 Shots” “In Charlotte” “But I’m Bulletproof” “So Fuck’em”). The second of these 4 songs, “In Charlotte,” is a dark Metro Boomin-produced track. The narrative of the song begins just before the shooting, as Dolph throws “a dub at Cameo in Charlotte,” but his celebration is interrupted by a phonecall halfway through — “What the fuck happened up there man?” … “That n—a shot all the motherfuckin’ bullets, ain’t hit shit.”

In his second verse, Dolph reacts to making headlines and reflects on why he’s been targeted. “That’s why all these young n—s ridin’ ’round with they gun,” he raps. “Front page newspaper, number one topic / N—as mad at Dolph Obama just ’cause I’m the hottest.”

Listen to Bulletproof, which features production from Zaytoven and Drumma Boy, as well as a guest appearance from Gucci Mane. 

Quotable Lyrics:
Just cause my money
Keep running like Forrest Gump
I got n—as hate me
Like I’m Donald Trump
Where I’m from you D
Don’t make it to see 21
That’s why all these young n—as
Ridin’ ’round with they gun