Jay Branch builds on the New York sound with “Time.”

BYTrevor Smith
Timeblur mask

Staten Island rapper Jay Branch's submission "Time" opens with a sample of 50 Cent's voice. From the beginning, it's clear that Jay has a certain appreciation for New York rap history, but he uses it to his advantage rather than as a crutch. The record bears the DNA of Jay's city, but it's never defined or restricted by it. Using a piano sample that could come from a classic boom bap record, Branch's new track ups the BPM and challenges him to break out some thrilling new flows that would fall flat if performed by a less capable technician.

You can listen to more of his music on the CWMN Ent. SoundCloud account.

Quotable Lyrics:

I came from the gutter
That's word to my mother
That Jimmy, I don't leave without it
Might sound like a stutter
I trap out the spot 
'Cause the hood, I'm just trynna get out it

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