Two hungry artists from underrepresented areas in the South have linked up to lay down the “Big Ol Finactz.” The simmering record belongs to the slick-talking Zilla of Huntsville, AL, who was featured on the site in August with “Redrum,” a Bama flip of the UGK classic “Murder.” For his new track, Zilla has called upon the 300 pound heavy-hitter known as C. Struggs, who collaborated with Rick Ross on “Do It” this summer. Rozay offered to jump on the track for free because he was reminded of his younger self when he first heard Struggs.

On “Big Ol Finactz,” Zilla exercises a witty, elastic flow while Struggs’ deals heavier blows with his deep Texas drawl. Both artists deliver street wisdom with plenty of adrenaline — hence the title. “Big Ol Finactz” is produced by Shun On Da Beat. 

Quotable Lyrics

Don’t judge my choices without understandin’ my reasons, n*gga 
My young’n’s stay with the shit, they some lil’ heaters n*gga 
Northside n*gga with plenty clout, I’m just speakin’ my mind 
Worry ’bout what I’m doin’, you need to get on your grind 

– Zilla