While Marvel’s Iron Fist hasn’t seen the same levels of success as Marvel’s other shows on the streaming platform, they’ve all been building up to Netflix’s version of The Avengers (or Guardians of the Galaxy, whatever floats your boat). Now we have the first look at The Defenders courtesy of a short teaser video. Watch it below.

You can see all four heroes awkwardly sharing an elevator via security cam footage, a la the Solange beatdown of Jay Z. They stand in silence before Jessica Jones notices the camera and destroys it. If you check the security camera’s timestamp at the time it goes to static, you’ll notice it’s actually a date: 08/18/2017. Presumably, that’s when the heroes will unite for the official The Defenders release.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the heroes have found themselves together in a giant office building accidentally, and will have to fight their way out of the elevator together. Sounds like an epic way to kick off the series, and we suspect something nefarious is tying them all together. Will you be watching come August 18?