Willy J Peso impressed us with last year’s Euphoria mixtape, and now the Detroit heavy-hitter is back with “OMW”. Willy J has a ultra-flexible flow, able to rap quickly in sync with the 808s, and step back and sing during the track’s heavier, more melodic moments.

We haven’t heard a sound like this outta Detroit, so we’re excited to see what Willy’s got for us next. On “OMW”, he brings along CloudGang ACE, and together, they give us a contemplative track that’s still bangin’ enough to smoke, sip, or ride to.

Y’all feeling this track from Willy J? Look out for more imminent heat outta Detroit, and download Euphoria here. 

Quotable Lyrics

I been out here for a long time, for a long time
Can’t let these niggas get in way
I ain’t stressin’ ‘cuz I’m on mine, I’m on mine
What more can I say?