UPDATE: Noah “40” Shebib has reposted the snapshot of the VIEWS production list originally shared by Drake to his own Instagram. In the caption of his post, 40 acknowledges some additional producers that aren’t included in Drake’s list. Those names are: Metro Boomin, Vinylz, Hagler (Marvin Thomas), Jordan, OZ, CueBeatz, and Di Genius (Jamaican dancehall producer). He also notes that “U With Me,” originally thought to be produced by himself and Kanye West, received additional production from DJ Dahi, Ricci Riera, and Axelfolie. 


Original text below: 

Just after revealing the VIEWS features — including Rihanna, Future, Popcaan, and more — by using his own memes, Drake has revealed the album’s production credits, also via his Instagram. While Drake rolled out the features one by one, each collaborator given his or her own meme with Little Drake himself, he has decided to share all of the VIEWS producers in one post. 

Noah “40” Shebib has production credits on 10 of the album’s 20 tracks, and other elite names include Kanye West (“U With Me?”), Boi1da (4 tracks), Nineteen85 (5 tracks), Southside (“Grammys”), and Frank Dukes (“Pop Style”). Young Canadian producer Murda Beatz, most known for his work with Migos, produced the track “With You,” and little-known Toronto producer Maneesh, who had contributed to “Charged Up,” is the sole producer of three individual tracks on VIEWS

Take a look at the tracklist as well as the producers behind each individual track in the post below.




Drake Reveals Producers On "VIEWS"