We don't know how long 50 Cent and his girlfriend Jamira have been seeing each other but they certainly have moved pretty quickly. The couple is very much in love and Jamira, who goes by Cuban Link online, is really feeling her man's latest social upload. She told him that with each new photo, she's been catching more and more feelings in his most recent post.

Posing with Joseph Sikora from his hit show Power, 50 Cent made sure everybody was tuned into Starz for the new episode. Curtis' girlfriend was more concerned with the rapper than the man he was standing next to, though. "Is it me or you getting finer every post," asked the aspiring lawyer in her comment, swooning over the legendary musical figure. 

Perhaps Cuban is just feeling her boyfriend's gains. The star revealed that he's upped his weight by fifteen pounds, showing off his bench press on the set of his new show and proving that he's just as dedicated to his film and television roles as he was in music.

Cuban Link and 50 Cent made their public debut as a couple at the season premiere of Power at Madison Square Garden this summer. Since then, they've been keeping their relationship relatively private, keeping the social references to a minimum. Do you think they've finally found the one or is this just a fall fling?