We don't expect 50 Cent to hold back when it comes to the social content he posts. However, sometimes he realizes when he's crossed a line. With 21 Savage's status as an American citizen currently up in the air, many have been sharing memes about the rapper pertaining to his reported U.K. citizenship. It was basically a given that 50 Cent would comment on the situation but he quickly turned back on his decision to post at all, deleting a meme about 6ix9ine potentially snitching on the "Bank Account" artist.

As reported by SOHH, Fiddy tapped into Savage Mode when he joined in on the meme fun. 21 Savage's situation is obviously pretty bizarre and with all the confusion, he's become a pretty easy target for some cheap laughs. The notion of Tekashi 6ix9ine possibly opening up to the feds about Savage's British nationality has not been proven but Fif chose to have some fun with the idea.

Before deleting the post, 50 Cent uploaded a courtroom shot of Tekashi, which includes a fictional dialogue between the rapper and judge. "I ain't a snitch," says 6ix9ine before the judge threatens him with 47 years of prison. His rebuttal: "You guys ever noticed 21 Savage looks British?" 

The meme is no longer active on Fiddy's account. 50 Cent certainly means no harm with this. He posts risky content all the time and this is just another example of his humor coming into play.