Many of us follow 50 Cent on social media to see what kind of shenanigans he'll pull out this time. He's regularly one of the most vicious trolls on the internet and as of late, his targets have been switched up a bit. He even extended an olive branch to Wendy Williams, his longtime enemy. With the petty king seemingly becoming a little less petty, he's back to sharing wholesome content with his family. Curtis Jackson has always had a beautiful bond with his youngest son Sire Jackson and he posts the boy all over his social pages. Noting that he takes after his father, Fif tried out a quick little experiment. Why not do a playful face swap with his son to see how strange things would look if they reversed roles? The results were a little scary.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"Man who the fuck has time to do this," asked the executive producer of Power. The photo shows Sire in his father's suit with baby Fiddy sitting on his side. Lil Fif enjoys a bag of popcorn with a major scowl on his face. 

Answering his question as to who has time to create something like this, some fans are already theorizing that 50 himself did the edit. Either that or he has a dedicated team working around the clock for him to create memes.