The Game recently attended a club party in Hollywood that was hosted by 50 Cent, perhaps a sign that their decade-old beef might finally be coming to an end. The Game has been the longtime foe of the entire G-Unit crew, and many were surprised, 50 included, to see him and Lloyd Bankspose together for an Instagram photo while in Dubai last month. Though 50 doesn't seem intent on aggravating his beef with The Game -- at least in the way he has in his feuds with Diddy and Rick Ross, don't expect the two former "Hate It or Love It" collaborators to be taking a photo together any time soon. 

In a new interview with Danny Diaz of Charlotte's Power 98, 50 explained that he doesn't see Game and Banks' Instagram photo as anything other than a publicity stunt. "I don't know what the goal was," said 50 when asked about Game's intentions for putting up the picture. "What does it do? What does it change?" he asked. 

"If you saw him, and y'all spoke, and y'all was really tryna settle something," continued Fif. "Then y'all settled with each other when y'all spoke about it. What was the picture necessary for? It's for publicity, it's to promote the situation, right. And that does nothin'." 

Earlier in the interview, 50 was asked about another recent Instagram post put up by Game, in which the Compton rapper drunkenly praised 50's EFFEN vodka. The same post also stirred up a short-lived beef with R&B singer Kehlani. Game quickly deleted the post, so 50 doesn't know whether he was being sincere in complimenting EFFEN or not. "I'm not concerned with it. I think," said 50 before a short pause, "if he liked the product, then it's cool." 

The interview didn't mention that Game recently showed up 50's Hollywood party, so perhaps it was recorded in the couple of days in between Game's drunken Instagram rant and his appearance at the same club as 50. Either way, it's unlikely that there will be a concerted effort on 50's part to further the reconciliation process. It doesn't seem like the beef will heat up, either, which is a sign of maturity on behalf of both artists.