50 Cent isn't too happy with Dapper Dan's stance on the Gucci boycott. As reported this past Sunday, the Harlem-bred designer extraordinaire decidedly met with reps from the luxury fashion house to discuss an action going forward. It's no secret, that Black celebrities have been "canceling" the brand in droves, due to a sketchy "blackface" tunic that ended up on their online store.

Although Gucci was quick to backtrack and apologize for the irrational design cue, many have deemed the damage damning and final, as they fix their hearts on designer wears from other manufacturers.

Dapper Dan admitted that during his meeting the Gucci reps, both sides tabled "accountability" and "inclusivity" as reconciliatory points, against the backdrop of "cancel talk." In light of Dapper Dan's perceived soft stance on the matter, 50 Cent has entered the battlefield with guns-a-blazing. His Instagram denunciation of 50 Cent is full of accusatory language. For all the inroads Dapper Dan opened up for Black innovation in America, 50 Cent sees a turncoat in sheep's clothing.

The G-Unit mogul labeled Dapper Dan a big c**n, before questioning his allegiance. 50 Cent's denunciation is not definitive, nor is Dapper Dan's course of action as an intermediate, so in the meantime, it might be wise to entertain other voices too. Where do you stand on the Gucci boycott? Dapper Dan's message of inclusivity?