Many have tried to argue that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson as an entertainer but die-hard fans of the King Of Pop aren't willing to let that topic go without a fight. The argument speaks to Chris Brown's level of talent as a dancer and singer but still, many think of this claim as sacrilegious. 50 Cent is among those that think Breezy is as talented as Michael Jackson but it has sparked debate. That being said, Fif has now tripled down on the claim.

50 Cent took to Instagram where he came back with another argument as to why he thinks Chris Brown is the GOAT. This time around, he posted a video of Chris Brown flexing his acrobatic skills as he did multiple backflips in a row on stage. I mean, no one can deny that it isn't impressive but Fif thinks this could be further proof that Brown is better than MJ. "All I’m saying is I never seen MJ come out like this," he wrote. 

Fif's been arguing that Chris Brown's status as one of the greatest entertainers in history over the past week. The rapper brought up stats into the debate after it was revealed that Chris Brown moved 120M RIAA certified units throughout his discography including singles, features, and albums.

Time will only tell if Breezy will ever surpass MJ.