Yesterday, notorious troll, 50 Cent, reposted his friend, Chris Brown's, photo that listed some RIAA certifications that the singer received. 50 wished to congratulate him, but he did so by claiming that Brown is a better artist than Michael Jackson - a claim that obviously cannot be made without facing severe backlash. The comments section was full of people outraged by this scolding hot take, and many even more outraged by the fact that 50 cited Jackson's child abuse allegations as reasoning for his ranking. If 50's post hadn't been deleted, you would be able to peruse the comments and see how many people are reluctant to accept that MJ is guilty and how many accused 50 of turning on the black community for believing the stories presented in HBO's documentary, Leaving Neverland

However, it appears that 50 did not delete his original CB post due to the heat he took for it. As we should know by now, 50 is not one to waver in his views, regardless of how much public criticism he receives. Even though 50 suggested in another IG post yesterday that he'd be logging off the app for the weekend - writing "I'm tired of ya mouth" and "leave me alone fool" - we were not granted that peace and he returned today to rehash yesterday's dispute. 

He posted a photo of Chris Brown in an MJ-inspired outfit from when he performed a tribute to the King of Pop at the 2010 BET Awards. 50 restated his stance, but this time decided to add a childish and insensitive remark: "all I said was I think CB is better then MJ now. after I saw the documentary, The little boys butts will never be the same."