50 Cent went after Randall Emmett during his "Fofty" phase, playing the role of a debt collector and giving his foes minimal time to pay him whatever they owed. After the television producer recovered his debt with Fofty, the feud was put to the side. However, Emmett's fiancée Lala Kent continues to bring up their issues and the rapper is tired of hearing about it.

During a sit-down talk with Andy Cohen, Lala Kent explained why she and Randall Emmett's feud was not shown on Vanderpump Rules

"I mean, I won’t say more than I can," she started. "There was a very public beef between myself and a pretty famous rapper, and it got very bad. When this all happened, we were not filming. I think we would have had a much harder time if it was happening during filming. But there was also a lot of legal stuff going on."

50 Cent Randall Emmett Lala Kent
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

She went on to claim that she just doesn't talk about the situation anymore.

"Everything’s good now," said the reality star. "Myself and Randall and this rapper, we just don’t speak about each other."

50 Cent saw the headlines and got back in attack mode, dedicating an entire Instagram post for her.

"Why this bitch don’t just leave it alone," asked Fif. "I don’t have beef with this hoe, I had issues with Randell he paid me the money, it’s done. I’m sure Amber is laughing at this guys choices."

Do you think this will continue or is this the last we hear of 50 Cent's feud with Randall Emmett and Lala Kent?