Beyoncé had the kind of money making year in 2016 that’d be considered irreplaceable.

According to Billboard, Queen B has topped their list of top earning performers in the music industry from 2016, bringing in a whopping $62.1 million. She brought in over $54 million from touring revenue alone. Just to give you an idea of how thoroughly she killed the competition, she pulled in a little over $20 million more than the No. 2 act, Guns N Roses.

In terms of other high-profile hip-hop acts, Drake was the only other name who cracked the Top 5, walking away with over $37 million in 2016. Kanye West, with $26.1 million, came in at No. 9 and is the only other rap artist who appeared in the Top 10 of the list.

All hail the Queen!