Despite his boyish good looks, Justin Bieber is no angel. Beside being at the center of an investigation into a brawl that occurred at the NBA All-Star game last year, the Canadian pop star is also involved in an imbroglio that allegedly took place at a pre-Grammy party last weekend.

According to TMZ, JB lunged at a dude with a camera phone recording him fake fighting That’s So Raven co-star Kyle Massey at Serafina restaurant in L.A. The dude in question, Dean Parker, told the gossip mag that everything seemed cool until it wasn’t.

Police reported that Bieber allegedly headbutted Parker. Parker failed to record the incident but paparazzi got a shot of the “Baby” singer’s cut index finger after he left the restaurant. Still that could have resulted from that playful scuffle with Massey.

In an interview, Parker stated that the crooner got mad in the space of a second after he tried to get a selfie with him. Watch the videos below and you be the judge.