Azealia Banks made headlines for her bizarre behavior more often than for her music this year. This week’s entry includes a private tour of her godawful filthy cupboard, which she refers to as the result of “three years worth of ‘brujeria.'” For those not acquainted with the Spanish language, ‘brujeria’ means witchcraft. 

“Real witches do real things,” she declares as she gears up for early spring cleaning. 

Banks puts on her work goggles and mask and proceeds to sandblast — hey whatever it takes, right — the smear off her floor. Some have speculated that Banks has been sacrificing farm chickens in there. 

In another IG video, she shows rows of tiny bottles she calls samples of her latest magic spell.

In other news, the New York rapper has two projects slated for 2017: Fantasea II and Business & Pleasure.