A$AP Rocky has countersued the landlord of the SoHo apartment he had been leasing, reports TMZ. He is refusing to pay any of the $100,000 demanded of him in the original suit, in which the landlord accused Rocky of leaving the apartment in shambles upon finishing his lease in August. In fact, Rocky’s countersuit asserts that the landlord, due to his poor maintenance of the building, is the one who should be paying him for damages. Rocky is blaming the landlord for two floods that allegedly occurred in the apartment, one which apparently forced him to rent a different place for a month. 

Among the landlords initial complaints were that Rocky turned a closet into a recording studio and significantly damaged the downstairs bathroom. The terms of the lease apparently stipulated that Rocky was to leave the apartment in its original condition. In his countersuit, Rocky argues that all the moderations he made to the apartment have actually increased its value. 

Rocky has not been granted his security deposit of $40,000, and his lawsuit seeks to claim that sum from the landlord as well as additional damages.