New Excerpts From Lil Wayne's Memoir Detail Life At Rikers Island

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Wayne decorates for a wedding, gets two female guards suspended, and tries to pull a "Basic Instinct" in new details from his upcoming book.

Lil Wayne's upcoming memoir, Gone Til' November, will document the 8 months he spent at Riker's Island in 2010. It's set to be released October 11, but some details from the book are already making the rounds online. While we already heard about the awkward conversation where Drake confirmed with he had slept with Wayne's girl, which happened during one of his visits, there's are a lot more stories where that came from.

According to Page Six, one such story involved Wayne's girl coming through for a visitation with no panties on, hoping to pull off what Wayne calls a "Basic Instinct" (inspired, of course, by Sharon Stone's iconic leg-parting scene in the 1992 film). Unfortunately, those dreams were crushed by security. "They have extensive-ass searches before you come in here, so they made her put on a pair of boxers because they knew she didn’t have on panties. Damn!" he writes.

At one point he also jokes about two female guards being suspended for coming to see him, suggesting, "Maybe there will be some female groupies in this bitch after all."

Wayne also had some very wholesome moments while locked up, helping to decorate for a gay marriage within the prison, for which they celebrated with Gatorade rather than Champagne. "Gatorade is liquid gold in this bitch," he says. "Imagine seeing grown-ass men in jail hanging tissue for wedding decorations. AND one of them is Lil Wayne. Crazy.”

Weezy did have to struggle to remain creative with many of his luxuries taken away from him. "I always thought I needed things like being high with my n - - gas, a Bugatti, a dope-ass crib or some big-booty bitches to be creative," he says. "But once it was taken away from me, my creativity was put to the ultimate test."

Look out for more when Wayne's book arrives in stores next month.

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