Meek Mill Says Quentin Miller Slipped Him Drake's "Summer Sixteen" Lyrics

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Just when you thought it couldn't get any wilder.

You gotta be kidding. Have the tables turned? Meek Mill just responded to all the clamor surrounding his "War Pain" Drake diss, which all-too-coincidentally seemed to address the Drake track that premiered MINUTES earlier, by writing, "The ghost writer told me!" 

Did Quentin Miller, whose revealed identity started the whole beef in the first place, slip Meek the lyrics of Drake's new single, "Summer Sixteen." Couldn't be...

But that seems to be what Meek is suggesting. 

On "War Pain," the final track on Meek's new EP4/4 Part 2, which dropped during tonight's stream of OVO Sound Radio, Meek begins by explaining a scenario in which him and Drake were both staying at the same hotel in Toronto. 

Drake mentions the same situation on "Summer Sixteen," and claims that his crew plotted to book a room right above Meek and Nicki's so they could blast "Back to Back" all night long. 

Meek's track also anticipates Drake comparing himself to Jay Z, which he does on "Summer Sixteen" -- "I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella, as well as Drake's potential shots aimed at Tory Lanez

How did he happen to gather such intel? Quentin, we're looking for answers...

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Meek Mill Says Quentin Miller Slipped Him Drake's "Summer Sixteen" Lyrics
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