Tim Westwood may not look like your average hip-hop personality, but the 57-year-old gangly white dude, always rocking a different color polo, is an industry legend, and he’s been there from the beginning. In the late 80s, Westwood was one of the first DJs in Europe to play hip-hop on mainstream radio. As host of the revolutionary BBC Radio 1 Rap Show, started in ’94, he became arguably the #1 importer of American hip-hop to the UK and beyond. Whereas some radio old-heads lament the current state of hip-hop, Westwood, ever-enthusiastic and optimistic, is always looking to support emerging artists. His YouTube channel, Tim Westwood TV, is now home to a weekly web series and hosts years’ worth of archived footage from Westwood’s storied career, including: hilarious interviews, wild party footage, and, last but not least, some of the web’s hottest freestyle sessions.

Westwood has certainly helped keep the art of freestyling alive. Rappers show him nothing but love and always seem to up the ante when they step inside his studio. Here are 10 must-watch sessions for a lazy Sunday.