Meek Mill surely isn’t holding back ahead of his Flamerz 5 mixtape. The Philadelphia native finally shared his “God Did” freestyle on Monday (November 21), aggressively spitting bars on bars over DJ Khaled’s hit song.

The track landed on YouTube simultaneously with a Benjamin Carter-directed visual. In it, the “Uptown Vibes” artist can be seen performing at concerts, chiefly hosting luxurious dinners, and rapping from the inside of a helicopter.

“‘Cause I come from the dark side, I don’t make it, cats gon’ slaughter n*ggas,” he rhymes early on. “Now I gotta feed my family, bring my sons and all our daughters with us / I don’t even need no Grammy, I’ll put a check printer on the corner with us / My first song I ever dropped, I’m still performin’ n*gga.”

Prior to releasing Flamerz 5, Meek has cautioned fans not to expect to find it on DSPs. “When a label gave me a plaque I thought they was tryna trick me lol… Show me the financials that my art made… That other shit a mental trick,” he tweeted earlier this month.

“Give me a plaque with how much my song made and how much I got paid… I’m shying away from that whole system it’s not for us!”

In another tweet, the 35-year-old went on to further stress his point. “I don’t want Flamerz 5 on no streaming service This strictly underground music,” he wrote. 

“Billboard can’t rate it. Just rate the music. I’d bet you a million I can make the UnitedStates/world play it with one upload button been doing it since MySpace lol.”

Check out Meek Mill’s “God Did” freestyle below, and let us know if you’re looking forward to Flamerz 5 in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics:

I will never sell my soul for money, like I’m Kanye
It’s crazy I used to bring you on my side, I was on lock day
Famous bitches got my idols lookin’ at me sideways
I don’t need no verses from you n*ggas, I did it my way