Julia Fox Says She Was “Delusional” During Ye Relationship, Dated Him To “Help” Kim K

The “Uncut Gems” actress has been speaking her truth all over social media.

BYHayley Hynes
Julia Fox Says She Was “Delusional” During Ye Relationship, Dated Him To “Help” Kim K

Every romantic relationship gone awry comes with its own list of regrets. For many of us, we're able to put the past behind us and move on after a breakup. For celebrities, though, fanbases can continue to live in the past, judging you harshly on who you previously associated yourself with. Recently, Julia Fox experienced this.

The model – who has amassed over one million followers on TikTok since joining the platform – posted a video on Monday (November 21) responding to a hater calling her out for dating "a violent misogynist and antisemite," also known as Kanye West.

As always, Fox chiefly prepared a response to the comment. "I was just going to write about it in my book, and have y’all buy it, but I’ll just tell you guys for free," she teased. Afterward, she noted that Ye was "being normal around her," and didn't raise any suspicion when they first got together.

"I’ve always had, you know, a love for Kim especially," she added of West's ex, Kim Kardashian. Additionally, the Uncut Gems actress recalled when the reality star and her sisters, Khloé and Kourtney, made purchases from her clothing line to sell in their stores a decade ago.

Returning to the topic of her and Ye, she said, "By the time me and [West] got together, it was like, he hadn’t been doing anything out there yet. The only thing he had done was change the name in the song and said, like, ‘Come back to me, Kimberly.'"

As you may recall, the "Jesus Walks" artist made bold attempts to win back Kardashian following their separation. He's also gone on hateful tyrants aimed at Pete Davidson, who the mother of four dated for several months. Additionally, he made troublesome comments about the Jewish community.

Though she previously said that the 45-year-old is "harmless," in today's TikTok, Fox shared that he would frequently bombard her with texts. As a result, West allegedly called her out for having "bad text etiquette."

"I was like, ‘Oh my God, Kanye’s yelling at me, like, what do I do?" she told listeners. "But then I had this thought, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, maybe I can get him off Kim’s case.’ Like, ‘Maybe I can distract him and just get him to like me.’“

The mother of one thought to herself, "If anyone can do it, it's me." She went on to note, "I will say that, that month that we spent together, he wasn’t on Twitter. First of all, he wasn’t on any forms of social media. He didn’t even talk about his relationship."

"We only really talked about clothes and, like, weird ideas. Plans for the future and our hopes and dreams for childhood and education."

"It was really beautiful," she mused, though she quickly added that once the tweeting began, she was "out."

Check out Julia Fox's TikTok video below. Afterward, read our story on how she says he impacted her career here.


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