The Inspection arrives in just a few days, and star Gabrielle Union’s role made her reflect on motherhood. The actress is married to NBA icon Dwyane Wade, and together, they lead a blended family with several children. The couple has been criticized for their parenting style, particularly taking hits for supporting Zaya Wade during her transition. The 15-year-old shared that she was transgender at just 12, and many believed their allyship was damaging.

However, the Wades have been unwavering against negativity. Union recently caught up with Entertainment Tonight and said as a mother, she wants to “be part of healing for a child.”

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In The Inspection, Union portrays a mother who rejects her child because of his lifestyle. This is the antithesis of reality for Union, and she said she struggled to connect with her character.

“Zaya’s still a child of this world, and we try to create a loving, safe bubble in our home, in her school, and community with our extended family.” However, the real world isn’t as kind and protective. “But she’s still a queer person in this country, in this world. She has to fight every day to be seen, to be loved, to be nurtured, to be thought of as worthy.”

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Zaya Wade has certainly been coming into her own in recent years. Her transition has been a point of contention for her parents Dwyane and Siohvaughn Funches. The former couple divorced some time ago, but recently, Funches took her ex to court. She wants to prevent Zaya from undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Funches claims Wade is only supporting Zaya because he using her for profit.

Wade clapped back legally and publicly by denying Funches’s allegations. He also contested that she is not an active part of Zaya’s life, even though she has been asked to participate in all avenues.

Check out Gabrielle Union in The Inspection on November 18.