Jake Paul is currently one of the biggest draws in the boxing world. Most boxing purists will hate to hear that, but for now, the statement remains true. Paul has fought against some former UFC guys, and he has won every fight. Now, he wants a shot at a real boxer.

Jake Paul Vs. The Fury’s

On Sunday, Paul was in Dubai to watch Floyd Mayweather take on Deji. Of course, prior to that match, Tommy Fury was in the ring, where he won an ugly exhibition match. Paul has tried to fight Fury for ages, although the conditions have never been right.

Following Fury’s win, there was a ton of commotion ringside. In fact, Tommy’s dad John could be seen rushing towards the ring with his shirt off. This led to a hilarious exchange in which Jake Paul continued to taunt everyone affiliated with the Furys.

Now, Jake officially means business. In a Tweet today, Paul revealed that he is willing to travel to London to fight Fury. He wants to see it happen, and he’ll do anything to see it through. However, this is Fury’s final shot at getting a contract signed.

“Dear @FrankWarren , I agree to fight Tommy in Manchester or London in Feb. I’ll come to his country, no more running,” Paul wrote. “His baby is due then & you’ve said it’s no issue. Since John is adamant we’ve agreed, I am giving u 7 days to present a signed contract by Tommy or I’m moving on.”

Paul was originally in talks with Andrew Tate, however, that seemed to be more of a publicity stunt than anything else. Now, a fight with Fury is on the table, and Tommy has no excuse in terms of making it happen.

It will be interesting to see how Fury responds, so stay tuned to HNHH for updates on this story. Let us know who you think would win, in the comments down below.