Spring football leagues have not had much success over the last few years. A great example of this is the Alliance of American Football, which shut down after just a few months and even left players stranded at their hotels.

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon’s reboot of the XFL was a disaster. The league was actually quite fun during the first few weeks, however, the pandemic left the league in absolute shambles. People were fired without warning, and the league went under almost immediately. This left numerous players out of a job, and it had McMahon scrambling to sell the operation.

Beatriz Velasco/Getty Images

In the end, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to buy the company from his former boss. The Rock used to play football, so it made sense for him to want in on the league. He has promised a return in 2023, and it seems like the league is making good on that promise.

Today, The Rock took to Twitter where he revealed a promotional clip for the league. This new clip demonstrates all eight teams that will participate next year. Many of these teams were present during the XFL’s 2020 run, and if you were a fan of any of these teams then, you should be again in 2023.

In this tweet down below, you can see the logos for all of the teams that will be in the league. Here, we have the Arlington Renegades, the DC Defenders, the Houston Roughnecks, the Orlando Guardians, the San Antonio Brahmas, the Seattle Sea Dragons, the St. Louis Battlehawks, and the Vegas Vipers.

This is a huge opportunity for the XFL to prove that it is still a viable league. The Rock is looking to do things differently, which we saw when he started talking to the Canadian Football League about a potential collab. Hopefully, the XFL remains successful so that more players can get a chance to show their stuff at a professional level.

Let us know what you think of the XFL, in the comments below, and tell us if you plan on watching any of the games.