Cardi B's Team Urges Judge To Throw Out Tasha K's Appeal

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Cardi B's Team Urges Judge To Throw Out Tasha K's Appeal
SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 19: Cardi B is seen departing the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse on October 19, 2022 in Santa Ana, California. Cardi B is being sued for copyright infringement after allegedly using an image of a man's tattoo on an album cover. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Tasha K is trying to get out of paying the rapper $3.8 million.

The defamation lawsuit between Cardi B and Tasha K might have reached a verdict, but it is not done yet. After a jury found the YouTuber guilty of defaming the rapper and intentionally lying on her, she was ordered to pay a whopping $3.8 million.

Following the judgment, Tasha released a statement on Twitter. "My Husband, Attorney's, & I fought really hard. I want to thank them for their long hours and sleepless nights. Winos it's only up from here. See y'all in a few days... Back to work."

Despite her seemingly positive reaction, it wouldn't take long before the blogger took the case to an appeals court to get it overturned. Her team told Billboard:  “We disagree with the verdict, and we will be filing an appeal.”

Her reason for doing so, as she claimed, is that she was standing up against a “machine” that tried to "bully" her. She labeled the ruling “prejudicial” and claimed it arrived “solely off of sympathy and payola.” 

Nonetheless, Cardi's team strongly disagrees with her-- so much so that they beg the judge to get rid of her appeal.

As reported by AllHipHop, according to the "Bodak Yellow" artist's most recent legal filing, the “'depraved' vlogger has no chance of winning the appeal, primarily based on Tasha’s assertion that crucial evidence was excluded."

Cardi B's lawyer, W. Andrew Pequignot, further explained, The totality of evidence was more than sufficient for the jury to find that [Tasha K.’s] conduct was not merely vulgar, tasteless, rude, or insulting. Rather, their unrelenting and self-described ‘campaign’ was motivated solely by greed and spite and was so abusive and obscene that any reasonable person would find that [Cardi B’s] intense feelings of humiliation, embarrassment, shame, and outrage were the natural result of [Tasha K.s] conduct."

Pequinot also added that the YouTube sensation is in the business of exploiting celebrities for financial gain. "...they ‘sell drama,’ and they do not let the truth get in the way of putting out a story that will make money for them. Kebe admitted that she would not hesitate to publish a knowingly false story if it would attract viewers."

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