Young Guru Calls Out People Writing Hip Hop Books With "Wrong" History

He didn't say anyone's name specifically but that didn't stop people from giving their guesses.

BYErika Marie
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It's been a longstanding game in Hip Hop to attribute just about any firsts to Soulja Boy. It isn't difficult to find videos or quotes from the rapper as he boasts about being the first to do this or that, and he isn't the only artist to make such assertions. Rap culture is filled with generations of artists who have staked their claim as the first to execute a certain trend, style, or sound, but Young Guru doesn't want people to conflate "first" with popularizing a moment.

The famed producer has been intimately involved in helping shape some of Hip Hop's greatest moments in music, so it isn't surprising that he would want to keep its history to be shared as truthfully as possible.

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These days, it seems as if more artists are coming forward to share their stories in biographies, biopics, and memoirs. In a post penned on his Instagram Story, Guru issued a warning to people about their accounts as they revisit those memories.

"Please please be careful what you write in these books about hiphop," Guru wrote on his Instagram Story. "Use the correct words because our children are reading this and taking your word as the truth. And you are blatantly wrong!!!"

It is unclear what prompted this post but it didn't take long for social media users to fire off their guesses. Some suggested that Guru was referencing a specific artist with a flair for story-telling who may have exaggerated his or her influence.

Young Guru has been sharing a few Hip Hop history tales of his own in recent months. As he's revisited his days with Roc-a-Fella and spoken about Memphis Bleek passing on the production to Black Rob's "Whoa" classic as well as plans for Aaliyah to appear on the remix of "Roc the Mic."

Check out his post below.

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